Manual Metrics

Autometrics should cover a large portion of your monitoring, but for more specific checks, you can create manual metrics.

To do this, navigate to a specific column in your catalog and click on the New metric button:


The Metric edit page consists of four tabs sections: Overview, Configuration, Thresholds, and Notifications.

The Overview tab lets you define what metric you want to check, on what column. Go here for a list of available metrics.

The Configuration tab lets you specify how often the metric collects and and what filters to have on it. If you have row creation time set on the table that this metric is on, then you will automatically see a filter on the metric column, which defaults to 2 days of lookback.


You can add your own filters by writing raw SQL WHERE conditions in the text input box


You can also choose a column to perform a group by on.


The Thresholds tab covers the thresholds that Bigeye should check for this specific metric. There are a few options here, listed under the Alert type radio button.


You can set your own Manual Thresholds, or let Bigeye determine the correct ones by setting the selector to autothresholds.

Finally, in the Notifications tab, you define recipients for alerts coming from this metric.


Once you've saved your metric, it will begin collecting on the schedule you specified. Manually created metrics do not automatically backfill, however, you can trigger a backfill through the Backfill API.