API User Guide

Many operations that can be performed in the Bigeye UI can also be accessed via our REST API. This can be useful for workflow automation such as triggering Bigeye to validate a dataset after an ELT job has finished loading.

The API Reference can be used to see what kind of operations Bigeye supports. If you need something that doesn't currently exist, please reach out to us at [email protected]


For testing the API, I would suggest using a tool like the Advanced REST Client as it will handle things like auth and give you a way to save and share calls. The json reformatter is quite nice too

For a GET request you can skip this section, but for a PUT or POST that has a request body, my process is to fill in the parameters in the API Reference. This will generate the json body of the request as shown below.


Generating the JSON request body via the Bigeye API reference

Then cut and paste that message body into ARC.


Screenshot showing pasting into the ARC body.

At this point, fill in the method (ie POST) and the request url and press send. You'll be prompted for your Bigeye creds, but after that the API call will be made and you can inspect the response. Congrats!