Running and Scheduling Deltas

Running Deltas

There are two ways to execute a Delta:

  1. Navigate to the Delta in the list of existing Deltas, click on the Actions link (...) and click Run.

    From the Deltas’ list you can also run multiple Deltas by checking the boxes next to the Deltas you wish to run and then clicking the Actions button, and then Run.

  2. Set a schedule for the Delta

    Schedules may be accessed on the Settings menu:


    You will see a list of existing schedules that you can edit or delete (click on the Actions link (...) on the right side of the schedule).


Create a new schedule

To create a new schedule, click New Schedule in the upper right corner.

There are two fields to set:

Cron format - the Cron Formatting for the schedule
Name - the name of the schedule


Once you’ve set your Cron format and name, click Create Schedule. Now the schedule is available for all Deltas.

Updating Schedules for Deltas

To update schedules for a delta, go to Deltas and select the Deltas you wish to modify with the checkboxes. The Actions menu will become available. Select Edit Schedule.


You can then select a new schedule (or create a new one) for all of the Deltas you selected.