Connect Databricks Deltalake

Connect your Databricks Deltalake source to Bigeye.

1. Allow Bigeye's IP address

If you've set up network policies to restrict the IP addresses that communicate with your Databricks Deltalake instance, modify these policies to allow the Bigeye IP address.

Bigeye makes calls to your warehouse from the following static IP:

2. Gather connection details from Delta Lake

Login to your Delta Lake account.

  1. Click Compute in the sidebar.
  2. Choose a cluster to connect to.
  3. Navigate to Advanced Options.
  4. Click the JDBC/ODBC tab.
  5. Copy Server Hostname, Port, and Http Path.

3. Generate a personal access token in the Databricks UI

Follow Databricks documentation to generate a personal access token.

4. Add Deltalake as a data source in Bigeye

Login to your Bigeye account.

On the Catalog page, click Add Source and then select Databricks from the Choose a data source section. Click Next to configure the connection to your database.

On the Configure source modal that opens, enter the following details:

Field NameDescription
VendorDatabricks Delta Lake
NameThe identifying name of the data source.
HostThe hostname from Step 2.
PortThe Databricks host port.
UsernameThe name of the dedicated user for Bigeye.
PasswordThe personal access token from Step 3.

4. Next Steps

After you've configured the source, Bigeye loads and profiles your tables. It can take up to 24 hours for the profiling to complete and your autometrics and autothresholds to populate. See how to deploy autometrics in the Getting Started guide.

What’s Next