Connect Databricks Deltalake

1. Whitelist Bigeye IP address

Bigeye will make calls to your warehouse from one of the following static IPs:

If your warehouse blocks connections you will need to whitelist these IPs before connecting Bigeye.

2. Gather connection details from Delta Lake

Login to your Delta Lake account.

  1. Click Compute in the sidebar.
  2. Choose a cluster to connect to.
  3. Navigate to Advanced Options.
  4. Click on the JDBC/ODBC tab.
  5. Copy down Server Hostname, Port, and Http Path

3. Generate a personal access token in the Databricks UI

Follow the documentation here to do so.

4. Add Deltalake as data source in Bigeye

Login to your Bigeye account.

From the Catalog tab in the sidebar, select Add Source. This will take you to a page where you can configure the connection to your database.


To connect a database, you will need to input the connection details you gathered in step 3.

  • Vendor - Databricks Delta Lake
  • Name - representative name for the data source
  • Host - Server Hostname from Step 2
  • Port - Port from Step 2
  • Database -
  • Username - Http Path from Step 2
  • Password - Personal Access Token from Step 3

Once filled out, the form should look something like this


4. Next Steps

Bigeye will now start loading and profiling your tables. It can take up to 24 hours for the profiling to complete and your autometrics/autothresholds to populate. You can proceed to deploying autometrics in the Getting Started guide.

What’s Next