View Issues

You can view issues in your workspace by clicking the Issues option in the left navigation pane.

On the Issues page, you can view the number of issues in your workspace, group by and filter issues options, and a list of issues in your workspace.

Group by

The default grouping for your workspace is by Issue status. You can also group by metric category which shows metrics grouped by metric dimension type, or by table which shows your issues grouped by each table that has an active issue.

Filter Issues

You can filter issues by issue status, metric status, priority, creation time, collection name, source, and metric types.

Issue Status

Filter the issue by their status: Triage, Acknowledged, Monitoring, Closed. To learn more about the issue status, see Change issue status.


Issues are given a priority status and the default issue view sorts by highest priority first. You can filter by priority and see an issue’s priority score by hovering over the priority icon. Priorities are based on table popularity, the number of existing issues in a table, and out of all available issues, the distance between the anomalous value and the threshold value.