Migrating Agent from mTLS to API Keys

Starting with agent version 1.14.0, Agent API Keys are the supported way of authenticating with Bigeye's systems. This guide discusses how to upgrade to use Agent API Keys.

  1. Provision an Agent API Key.
  2. Get the latest agent version.
    1. If your docker-compose.yaml file says latest at the end of the image line, then you can simply run the following to pull the latest image: docker compose stop then docker compose pull.
    2. Otherwise, if you are pinning the version in your docker-compose.yaml file, then update the version number to 1.14.0
# ...
    # before
    image: "docker.io/bigeyedata/agent:[previous version]"
    # after
    image: "docker.io/bigeyedata/agent:1.14.0"
  1. Update your agent_config/agent_yaml file.
# Before - these settings configured mTLS
mutualTlsEnabled: true
mtlsCertLocation: /app/config/mtls.pem
mtlsKeyLocation: /app/config/mtls.key

# After - comment out MTLS settings and add agentApiKey
# mutualTlsEnabled: true
# mtlsCertLocation: /app/config/mtls.pem
# mtlsKeyLocation: /app/config/mtls.key
agentApiKey: bigeye_agent_REPLACE_WITH_YOUR_KEY

# Note: Do NOT delete the following settings. They are nearby, and are still required.
# Encryption Keys
publicEncryptionKeyDir: /app/config
privateEncryptionKeyPath: /app/config/private.pem
  1. Restart your agent:
docker compose stop
docker compose up -d

# After a minute or so, verify the agent is successfully running by inspecting its logs
docker compose logs