Use Cases for Virtual Tables

Ensuring uniqueness of composite keys:

Create a virtual table that concatenates two or more attributes used as a composite key. Enable a duplicate metric to monitor duplicates in the table.

Date aggregations

Create a virtual table that aggregates your data by week or month with a group by clause. Then apply metrics to monitor changes to key values (ex: revenue, units sold) at that level of granularity.

Dimension aggregations

Write a join statement between a fact and dimension table to group rows by a dimension attribute, then monitor anomalies in that grouping.

Monitoring product mix over time

Create a virtual table that aggregates sales by product each week and monitor significant changes in the ratio between product categories, average revenue by product or other groupings.

Type 2 dimension validation

Validate type 2 table records by using a cartesian join of the table to itself, add monitoring to ensure uniqueness.