In Atlan, Bigeye creates announcements and draft certificates for assets that have open issues in Bigeye. The announcements identify the total number of new and acknowledged issues and provide a link for users to navigate directly to a table’s issues page within the product. Draft certificates are created to appear in the Atlan lineage.

Once all issues are closed within Bigeye, the announcement and certificate are removed from the asset in Atlan the next time the agent runs. To identify the appropriate assets in Atlan, add the qualified name of the connection to the corresponding source in Bigeye. Ensure that you have selected Enable Atlan Integration under Settings > Advanced Settings > Integrations in Bigeye.

The integration relies on custom metadata and badges to surface additional information from Bigeye. These include the following:

  • Links from the asset in Atlan to the table in Bigeye
  • The total number of metrics deployed on an asset
  • A percentage score of those that are healthy
  • The current status of Freshness, if monitored
  • The current status of Volume, if monitored
  • Additional health information, broken down by metric group. (See available metrics to learn how metrics are grouped within Bigeye.)
  • A color-coded badge, based on the percentage of healthy score

Customer Credential

Each customer needs to provide the authentication detail for both Bigeye and their external catalog. Follow the below credential format for Atlan. An additional parameter called bigeye_workspace_id needs to be added to the credential below ONLY when multiple workspaces are in place. See below on where to find it.

    "atlan_host": "",
    "atlan_api_token": "1234sometoken1234",
    "bigeye_username": "[email protected]",
    "bigeye_password": "myserviceaccountpasswordisfake",
    "bigeye_base_url": ""

Sourcing Credential Details

  1. Basic auth credential for Bigeye.
    • Bigeye URL
    • Bigeye Service Account User ID
      • Bigeye user IDs are email addresses
    • Bigeye Service Account Password
      • ******For Bigeye SSO:*******
        1. Go to https://<customer base URL>/request-password-reset?email=<email>.
        2. Set password.
    • Bigeye Workspace ID
  2. Create a token. For details, refer to Create a Bearer Token. The token must be linked to a persona that has the appropriate metadata policies in place for any connector that will be integrated with Bigeye. The minimum permissions for a metadata policy are as follows:
    • Read/Update Assets
    • Update Custom Metadata Values