Grouped Metrics

If you are deploying metrics within the same table, you can choose columns to perform a Group by and create grouped metrics. Group metrics work like the SQL Group By statement option. The columns that you specify in the Group by field create an individual metric for each unique tuple.

Create grouped metrics

To create grouped metrics:

  1. Navigate to Add metrics > Configure modal, and select one or more columns in the Group by field under the Configuration section.
  1. Specify the threshold details and populate the Window type, Bucket size, and Conditions options, if applicable.
  2. Click Next, and then click Deploy. The metric page is displayed for the group.

Alternatively, you can go to an existing metric, click the Edit metric dialog, and select the columns to Group by your metrics.

All groups have their metric with their respective set of thresholds. Individual metrics alert if specific groups are out of bounds.

Edit grouped metrics

After you are on the metric group page, you can perform specific actions on the group. Refresh, delete, or mute the metric. Select Backfill from the Actions dropdown to backfill all group metric history.

Click Edit to edit all groups for this metric.

Click the group name to view the individual metric.

Select Edit > Edit parent metric to edit all metrics in the parent group.

Select Edit > Edit group to edit the metric for this individual group metric.