The Bigeye integration with ServiceNow allows teams to track their most important data quality issues using the flexibility of the ServiceNow interface. This integration is bi-directional, meaning that you can update the status of issues through ServiceNow or Bigeye, and your updates are reflected in both systems. Once a ServiceNow ticket is created from the Bigeye UI, any subsequent issue status changes and/or comments are posted in both places so that everyone can stay informed on the status of this issue.


Enabling a ServiceNow integration for a Bigeye instance can be done with the following steps:

  1. Reach out to Bigeye to obtain the Bigeye app for ServiceNow. This will be provided in the form of an update set for ServiceNow.
  2. In Bigeye, create a service account to submit ticket updates (for best results, name the user "Bigeye for ServiceNow" or just "ServiceNow")
  3. In ServiceNow, import the Bigeye application via the update set provided.
  4. Configure the following system properties (inside of ServiceNow):
    1. x_617994_bigeye.app_url - Your Bigeye stack URL, normally
    2. x_617994_bigeye.api_username - The username of the service account you created in step 2
    3. x_617994_bigeye.api_password - The password of the service account you created in step 2
  5. In ServiceNow, find the Scripted REST Resource named "issue-webhook" and note the "Resource path" provided. This will normally be /api/x_617994_bigeye/bigeye/issue-webhook The full url will include your ServiceNow instance URL.
  6. Provide the ServiceNow instance URL and webhook URL to Bigeye support
  7. Use the integration!

Using the Integration

Walkthrough Video

Create a ServiceNow ticket

Once the integration is enabled, you can see a new “External ticket” option in the right-hand pane for all your issues. To create a new ServiceNow ticket, click the Create Ticket button in the right-hand pane.

Once the ticket is created, you get a success message in the bottom right-hand of your screen, and the linked ServiceNow ticket now shows in the right-hand pane of this issue. That button now links directly to the new ticket in your ServiceNow instance. The ticket in ServiceNow contains the information relevant to the latest run of when the ticket was created, the configuration of the metric with an issue present, and a link back to the Bigeye issue. If available, it also provides the debug query you can use to troubleshoot the issue.

Updating an Issue/ServiceNow Ticket

Once the Bigeye issue is linked to a ServiceNow ticket, all status changes and comments are synced between the two platforms. You can change the status of an issue to Acknowledged to indicate that work has begun on either platform, and the update must be reflected on the other. Similarly, if you wanted to update the work notes on the ServiceNow ticket to tell others that you are looking into the problem, then that comment will also be added to the Bigeye issue.